"The performance of ‘The Miracle of America’ uses song, historical stories, photography and video to positively rouse the soul. Of the many productions that I have attended to remind me of the blessing of freedom, this is one of the best. I appreciate the book which brings back the emotions that I felt as I witnessed the miracles that were part of the formation of our new country...your spirit of patriotism is a blessing."
Mayor John Lewis, Mayor -Gilbert, AZ

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Dedicated to 9-11

09/11/15 | Category: Contest, New Image | No Comments »

New Image for our Image Naming Contest!!!! Would love your help in naming my newest finished work. I shot this one a while ago and never really felt that it was finished. I finally got the inspiration of what direction to take it in and really love how it turned out. It can represent someone away from their family or who has passed on. I thought it was so appropriate to put out right now for those amazing Americans lost their lives or loved ones in 9-11 and others that are out there fighting for our freedoms. God Bless America!!!

If I select your title as the winning name, then you will receive a FREE signed 11×11 Print of this image.


To submit an entry email us at info@capturedmiracles.org with “title entry” in the subject line. no title.jpg