Captured Miracles' exhibit was astounding!. . . The professionalism and talent showcased in this production are noteworthy, and give great honor to the causes of the Revolution of our country, and the history by which our 50 states were founded. This would be a wonderful production for education, and any other group, interested or passionate about U.S. history. I don't think there was a dry eye in the room, and no doubt, every heart was elevated upon the experience of this production. It was a refreshing reminder of the foundational truths that this great country was built upon. It was inspiring, educational, as well as entertaining! I'm eager to see what Captured Miracles comes out with next!
Elaina Carrera, South Pittsburg, TN

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Last month’s winner AND Enter to WIN a FREE signed print by submitting a title for our newest image

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Enter to win a FREE signed print by submitting a title for our newest image.

We have a winner for our “Image Naming” contest from last month.

“One Nation Under God” Submitted by Christie Wall, of Pueblo, CO.

There were others who also sent in the same title after Christie’s submission… they will win a smaller signed print of the image as well.

4 Final image


Now for the newest image…as of August 3rd that is.:) Details below this image.

Newest Image _ 8-3-15

Enter our contest on naming this New Original Creation through Digital Media by Helen Thomas Robson

Hint to winning the contest: We are looking for a name that is a common phrase that has great search engine results, and fits the spirit of the work.


Winner will receive a FREE 11×14 signed print of the image.

ALSO we want your feed back on the direction the image should face. Place your vote by commenting  and liking our facebook page here.


Option A

newest image_layers_8_3_15_sm



Option B

newest image_layers_sm right 8_3_15